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"Tottenham, Tottenham, no one can stop 'em...", as the 1982 FA Cup Final squad belted out with Chas and Dave before going on to win the trophy – now the momentum is with the food and drink offerings in the area, a growing list that includes Five Miles bar, the arrival of Pressure Drop brewery (joining Beavertown and Redemption), Craving Coffee with food residencies, and Tottenham Green Market. After the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium is completed next year, the options are going to ratchet up several notches.


In an arts space on an industrial estate off Broad Lane (still suitably edgy and ragged around the edges), Kate Allison and pizzaiolo Fabrizio Interdonato have installed their custom made wood burning Neapolitan pizza oven. Fabrizio has worked at the noted L'Antica Pizzeria in Hampstead, as well as at Princi since arriving from Sicily, and a couple of visits confirm that he has the moves: the Margherita D.O.P. should keep most pizza fascists happy, those who may be concerned about the accuracy of the leopard spotting on the 'cornicione' crust, and the integrity of buffalo mozzarella that hasn't been overcooked and leaked a watery mess all over the shop. The details are taken care of here.


Feels a bit like the outer reaches of Brooklyn NYC as you approach the building (walk past three times, where the hell is it?), dodge the bins, skip past the 'CCTV WATCHING' graffiti on the wall (spooky), and press the buzzer for entry – speakeasy pizza? Almost.

There's more to come: their bakery, wine shop and café opens in September in Tottenham Hale, close to Beavertown brewery. How they laughed when I told friends that Tottenham is set to become the next Deptford. It's happening. Whack a pizza on the sideboard next to the beer please, lads...


"I've got my beer in the sideboard here, let mother sort it out if he comes round 'ere..." – The Sideboard SongChas and Dave (1979)


Unit 10

2 Norman Road

N15 4ND

This Week




Cracking curry at Raja Monkey during a trawl of Birmingham spots. Rajasthani Thali with mutton, cooked with bone marrow stock, tomato, red chilli, black cardamom and cloves. Ooof...



Another banger in Brum. Excellent pre-lunch snacks, a top sommelier in Lionel Periner, and a highlight of native lobster with roasted lobster mayonnaise








Devilled velvet crab with Jersey Royals. Dashing back to Carter's soon.

'Three Roast Rice' at Peach Garden in Birmingham's Chinatown. Go here, sit down, pay £8, eat that plateful, walk out laughing. The End.




Clip Clip Clip 

‘Clip’ Loureiro 2015, D.O. Monte de Vaia,

Vinho Verde, Portugal

A collaboration between two friends, viticulturist Pedro Barbosa and winemaker João Cabral de Almeida, the aim is to produce the best possible expression of the Loureiro varietal, the grapes coming from Pedro’s family estate in the Barcelos region of Vinho Verde.


Portugal’s northernmost wine-producing region, wines here are valued for their bracing acidity and freshness. This example has more concentration, texture and richness than many, and was a great foil for a dish of Cornish crab with courgette and confit lemon at Neo Bistro – a thrilling recent opening near Oxford Circus, with a smart, sharply assembled wine list. 



Mr Bond....we've been expecting you.

Lamb saddle has been slicked with with black sesame butter (a wow, a woah, a yes), alongside pencil fillet (tender cut from underneath the saddle) which has enough honk to suggest it may be hogget, alongside a dinky wedge of belly with an outrageously flavoursome ribbon of fat. Slab of aubergine charred then baked with miso and scattered with sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, an infernal riff on a Japanese nasu dengaku, cooked until the flesh is all silk and satin and ‘f**k me’ worthy. An Iron Maiden rabble rouser of a dish.

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Rice Master

A flurry of scintillating dishes at TāTā Eatery in Haggerston from 'rice master' Zijun Meng and Ana Gonçalves. Ox cheek and bone marrow wrapped in diaphanous rice paper; pickled asparagus tempura with crab and lovage mayonnaise; raw smoked Galician beef with egg yolk, and exemplary rice; turbot head in a haunting toasted rice dashi stock; curried alfalfa sprouts, shiitake and vermicelli – quietly, assuredly brilliant.

Plaquemine Lock

Already racked up several visits to Jacob Kenedy's new pub on Regents Canal, which delights in serving up Cajun and Creole dishes from Louisiana. Oysters Rockefeller; gumbo; boiled crawfish; fried shrimp; smoked pork boudin; crab cakes; shrimp 'n' grits. Standing at the bar has been the preferred mode of attack, with a pint of Juicebox Citrus IPA (a pokey, eye widening 5.9% ABV).

The wine list is a gem too, with sole supplier Theatre of Wine  pulling the vinous strings: Valencian white and red from Academia Nocturnos may be the best house wines in town (£19). Shrimp 'n' grits are a cosseting number; creamy, buttery, soothing. Sucking stuffed crawfish heads plucked from their slick of bisque is a particular pleasure, alongside some spicy pickled okra and pickled quail's eggs.

A Sazerac cocktail and a 'Peacemaker' Po' Boy (fried oyster and bacon) is a merry combination. 'Put Some South in Yo' Mouth' is the flourish on their website – yeah, go on then.

CODE Quarterly, Issue 11, Summer 2017, Gin, Tonic

Tonic Rage

"See how its strength bursts to the top of the glass...the difference is almost frightening." – These are the mellifluous tones of suave British actor William Franklyn, on a voiceover for a 1970s Schweppes commercial, as a wrecking ball keeps smashing into the house he's walking through. You can hear the tonic in his glass fizzing amongst the crashing.

'I forgot it was still open'

'I forgot to go back'

'I haven't had a chance'

'Been doing the new places'

'I thought it wasn't all that'

'I thought it was shit'

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The 'oldest' of the New World countries to begin making wine, South Africa's grape adventure began long before the world started taking note.

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