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'Newly produced wines which have recently become available...'
Latest Post Peering at the blackboard of recently opened Primeur it quickly becomes clear that they give a damn about the juice that's being poured. The Pignoletto from Orsi San Vito, a tiny vineyard next to a brook in Emlia-Romagna; Zanotto's 'Col Fondo' unfiltered Prosecco; Ottavio Rube white from the endearingly hippyish Valli Unite, a fellowship of self-sustainable winemakers and farmers in Piemonte — the scrawled names are hard to read on the blackboard, but it doesn't seem to matter. It is all interesting and worthwhile...
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Trade Tasting: The Dirty Dozen tasting takes place on Tuesday 16th September 2014, a co-operative collaboration between twelve of Britain's most exciting specialist independent wine importers.



Mission is a Californian wine bar and kitchen showcasing the finest wines of the Golden State. The list is dripping with the kind of beauties usually reserved for la-dee-da restaurants — it's a game changer. The second venture from Sager and Wilde, who have already shifted the London wine landscape with their first bar in Hackney, is brave, bold and unique. The best place to drink Californian wine in the UK has arrived.

Sip & Polish

A reminder of one of Australia's finest expressions of Riesling at the Wine Australia tasting, held at Australia House. Made by the acknowledged master of the varietal, Jeffrey Grosset, an 8 hectare vineyard produces a wine of distinct steeliness and piercing minerality. A blast of lime, a flash of lemongrass, a whistle clean finish: an energising vinous slap round the chops.

Riesling 'Polish Hill' 2013, Grosset, Clare Valley, Australia
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