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'The bravest, most unique and daring wine bar in the UK? '
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"A Californian wine bar in London. Are you nuts? I left my heart in San Francisco (I really did, but that's another story), where did you leave your senses, somewhere between the Russian River Valley and Carneros? Wines are too expensive, there's no value there. It can't be done."

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Supping German wines
at the excellent tasting at Vinoteca. Check out the outstandingly good value dry German Riesling by Weingut Neiss on TAP at


Mission is a Californian wine bar and kitchen showcasing the finest wines of the Golden State. The list is dripping with the kind of beauties usually reserved for la-dee-da restaurants — it's a game changer. The second venture from Sager and Wilde, who have already shifted the London wine landscape with their first bar in Hackney, is brave, bold and unique. The best place to drink Californian wine in the UK has arrived.

Raptures in Chenin

Agnés and René Mosse produce wonderfully characterful Chenin Blanc in the Loire Valley, firm followers of an organic and biodynamic philosophy from vineyard to winery. 'Arena' is a single vineyard plot of just 0.45 hectares. A vivacious, energetic wine which reveals apricot and quince, with a mineral core. Chenin Blanc in top gear.

'Arena' 2012, Domaine Mosse, Savennières, France
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