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'Newly produced wines which have recently become available...'
Latest Post Peering at the blackboard of recently opened Primeur it quickly becomes clear that they give a damn about the juice that's being poured. The Pignoletto from Orsi San Vito, a tiny vineyard next to a brook in Emlia-Romagna; Zanotto's 'Col Fondo' unfiltered Prosecco; Ottavio Rube white from the endearingly hippyish Valli Unite, a fellowship of self-sustainable winemakers and farmers in Piemonte — the scrawled names are hard to read on the blackboard, but it doesn't seem to matter. It is all interesting and worthwhile...
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Lahmacun trawling around North-East London. Green Lanes, Turnpike Lane, Stoke Newington....Woodford Green. Arise Lahmacun. @LondonLahmacun



The best wine merchant you've never heard of has just opened a shop under Holborn Viaduct. Supplier to many top London restaurants, The Winemakers Club is now also a place where you can drink great wines for a small corkage. If you like wine....GO.


This 4 hectare estate in the municipality of Lavis just north of Trento, manages to craft a Chardonnay with a beguiling sumptuousness and complexity. Lushly textured while remaining bright and pure, Francesco Polastri is sprinkling some kind of vinous magic fairy dust in the winery.
Even Chardonnay-phobes will be bewitched by this little beauty.

Chardonnay 2011, Maso Furli, Trentino, Italy
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