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Latest Post UNI is a restaurant of bewildering contradictions. First impressions on walking in let off a signal flare of naffsville with an extra side order of naff — white fake leatherette seating, a round table set into a window, and a cocktail parading itself as a 'caviar martini'. Supping the first Sapporo beer finds me inwardly spluttering 'who do you think you are?', kicking off an interminable loop of the Spice Girls in my head.

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This Week

Sager + Wilde

The shining lights of California's winemaking industry descended on Sager and Wilde for a 'wind down' after a storming day of tastings and seminars, organised by Roberson Wine. 'The New California' is gaining momentum. Keep watching...


The food at Antidote Wine Bar sure is purrrtty since Mikael Jonsson (of Hedone fame) is pulling the menu strings. Take a look at this cute as pie Guinea Fowl dish. The lunch menu is stupid value.

Loire Lure

Captivating blend of Chardonnay, Menu Pineau and Chenin Blanc. This organic and biodynamically minded family estate craft pristine fizz of purity and elegance. Vivacious, energising bubbles.

Imported by:
Dynamic Vines

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