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'The bravest, most unique and daring wine bar in the UK? '
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"A Californian wine bar in London. Are you nuts? I left my heart in San Francisco (I really did, but that's another story), where did you leave your senses, somewhere between the Russian River Valley and Carneros? Wines are too expensive, there's no value there. It can't be done."

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This Week

A first slurp of the excellent udon noodle soups being served at Den Udon. Head Chef Emi Machida is an alumni of the estimable Koya (undisputed king of the udon in London), and noodles here are made on-site as they are at Koya. Spicy crab roe with fresh egg blasted away the lingering threat of a sniffle. Tempura here is excellent, the crisp carapace of our prawn yielding sweet flesh.

2 Acton Street, Kings Cross,
London, WC1X 9NA



Turkish cuisine is having a bit of a 'moment' in London right now, and the 'styling' of Turkish concepts is starting to be seen around the Capital, this one fashioned by the Arch Mage and soothsayer of recent London restaurant history, Alan Yau (Wagamama, Hakkasan, Yauatcha) and his team. As well as having the Midas touch with a ream of concepts over the years, Alan's wife and Operations Director is a bona fide Turk, ensuring the details will be spot on. A wood fired oven of considerable beauty dominates proceedings, pumping out Pide flatbreads. Manti (Turkish ravioli), Köfte, and stews feature too. A 100% Turkish wine list is a Brave New World and deserves applause.


53 Shaftesbury Avenue

Written Written

Having fallen from grace, Lambrusco is now making a comeback in its traditional form as a deep, dry,
sparkling wine from Emilia Romagna. Zeren Wilson hails the return of this once–derided drop.

Christie’s Magazine,
October 2014
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The wines of Napa Valley and Sonoma County are back in the frame, their characteristic exuberance tempered with the restraint that first wowed the world in 1976. Zeren Wilson, reports

Christie’s Magazine,
November 2014
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Tim Schäfer-Frohlich has been described as a 'boy wonder' winemaker by more than one commentator, and his startlingly chiselled and focused dry wines in particular are regarded as some of the finest being made in Germany. Here we have a fruitier number, his Spätlese from the Felseneck vineyard opposite his house, which shows off an electrifying balancing act between fruit and acidity, chock full of lime and white peach, with a crystalline purity that is the hallmark of his wines. Devastatingly good as an aperitif, with a gentle 'come hither' ABV of 7.5%: finishing the bottle need carry no guilt. Slips neatly into the 'breakfast wine' category.
Wine of the week Riesling Spätlese 'Felseneck' 2010,
Nahe, Germany



Francis Boulard
Razor sharp, taut, steely minerality, laser sharp focus, purity. There's a thrilling, knee trembling frisson that surges through me when tasting zero dosage Champagne — it can feel ever so slightly illicit, a bit naughty, a dangerous liaison. Francis Boulard is something of an 'acid hound' with a love of making Champagnes with no added sugar, also known as 'brut nature', 'brut zero' or 'non-dosé'. He makes a separate zero dosage version of several of his Champagnes, offering a different lens through which to experience his fruit grown mainly in Cormicy, north-west of Reims, and in Cuchery, Cauroy-les-Hermonville and in Mailly-Champagne, a village of the "Montagne de Reims" classified as 100% Grand Cru. Organic and biodynamic cultivation is carried out in the vineyards, with the wines having appeared in London at Texture and Hibiscus. Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature — Chardonnay with zero flab: mineral, precise, belting with oysters.

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