23rd Aug, 2017

Wood fired Neapolitan Pizza, Tottenham, N17

"Tottenham, Tottenham, no one can stop 'em...", as the 1982 FA Cup Final squad belted out with Chas and Dave before going on to win the trophy – now the momentum is with the food and drink offerings in the area, a growing list that includes Five Miles bar, the arrival of Pressure Drop brewery (joining Beavertown and Redemption), Craving Coffee with food residencies, and Tottenham Green Market. After the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium is completed next year, the options are going to ratchet up several notches.


In an arts space on an industrial estate off Broad Lane (still suitably edgy and ragged around the edges), Kate Allison and pizzaiolo Fabrizio Interdonato have installed their custom made wood burning Neapolitan pizza oven. Fabrizio has worked at the noted L'Antica Pizzeria in Hampstead, as well as at Princi since arriving from Sicily, and a couple of visits confirm that he has the moves: the Margherita D.O.P. should keep most pizza fascists happy, those who may be concerned about the accuracy of the leopard spotting on the 'cornicione' crust, and the integrity of buffalo mozzarella that hasn't been overcooked and leaked a watery mess all over the shop. The details are taken care of here.


Feels a bit like the outer reaches of Brooklyn NYC as you approach the building (walk past three times, where the hell is it?), dodge the bins, skip past the 'CCTV WATCHING' graffiti on the wall (spooky), and press the buzzer for entry – speakeasy pizza? Almost.

There's more to come: their bakery, wine shop and café opens in September in Tottenham Hale, close to Beavertown brewery. How they laughed when I told friends that Tottenham is set to become the next Deptford. It's happening. Whack a pizza on the sideboard next to the beer please, lads...


"I've got my beer in the sideboard here, let mother sort it out if he comes round 'ere..." – The Sideboard SongChas and Dave (1979)


Unit 10

2 Norman Road

N15 4ND

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