2nd Nov, 2017

Pide, lahmacun, Alan Yau, Turkish, London

Turkish food is currently shapeshifting in London, a chameleon changing its colours and emerging brighter, more stylish, with more tricks up its sleeve than the classic 'mangal' formula. Restaurants like SkewdYosma, soon to open Hovarda, and Pide on Charlotte Street are shaking moves that knock many hum drum Turkish offerings into a cocked Fez.

No longer involved in his first Turkish foray, Babaji Pide, Alan Yau's latest restaurant is still going long on the boat shaped pide breads (karadeniz with oozing egg; develi; pastirma; sucuk and friends), but this time adds lahmacun into the mix (hoorah), alongside flatbreads of roast chicken, salt beef, and Turkish tandir  bread.

This tiny joint feels a lot more 'real' than Babaji ever did, less bling, less shiny, and far more useful as a place to drop into on the hoof. A first visit for lahmacun (with excellent quality salad), and a Karadeniz pide spaffing it's yolk over the meat – yes, all good. Cute touch of butter wrapped in paper on the side, for rubbing over the edges of the pide dough.

Çok güzel – 'very beautiful'.

26 James St



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