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The New Era

13th Dec, 2016

From the ashes of a metal trailer on the blustery Southbank beside The Thames, Pitt Cue will emerge to send smoke signals from a bricks ‘n’ mortar building in Soho.

Four frenzied months of serving pulled pork, beef brisket, wings and Pickle Backs garnered plenty of praise over the summer of 2011 (I was helping out, it was a blast), and now Tom Adams and Jamie Berger have joined forces with Richard “Hawksmoor” Turner and Simon Anderson to make a temporary gig permanent, a whisker away from Carnaby Street W1.

What to expect? Pitt Cue ratcheted up a gear. A proper kitchen gives Tom Adams the chance to hone techniques he learnt over the summer while attending the American Royal BBQ competition in Kansas, the biggest BBQ competition in the USA. Pulled pork, beef brisket, and ribs as before, and this time we have the oft requested pulled pork buns, made with the pillowy buns of Miller’s bakery in Hoxton.

Pickles play a bigger role, of note some wicked Crispy Pickled Shiitake, alongside fennel, kohlrabi, daikon and red onion – this is pickling with a lot of love thrown at it.

Mac, Oxtail ‘n’ Cheese is a decadent new addition, to go alongside slaw, beans, and the odd smoked ham hock here and there.

The basement space is teeny, tiny, yet perfectly formed. Take-away buns will be in operation from 12-6pm, and a whole cascade of Bourbon and Rye cocktails – Big Mac ‘n’ Rye, Whiskey Sours, Bourbon Hot Toddy, Manhattans, will be made with care in the upstairs space.

Pitt Cue are back – we’ve missed you…


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