Purring Planeta
18th Dec, 2016

Planeta Chardonnay

Planeta have been one of the great pioneers and innovators in Sicily, leading the vinous renaissance on the island and attracting plaudits for wines which effortlessly fit into the 'world class' category. They have become something of a winemaking dynasty, with several wineries across the island, planting their first vineyard in 1985. The Chardonnay never disappoints: rattling out of the traps with the poise, balance, and quiet class that the best white Burgundies would be proud of. Fermented in French oak, aged in Allier oak barriques: Italian Chardonnay with a cultured French accent. Enjoyed at The Guinea Grill in Mayfair with a fat bone-in rib eye steak, steak and kidney pie, and beef dripping chips.
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